Last NEOCP objects for station W84 in reverse order.

Created at 10-21-2020 23:30:45 ME(S)Z. This site will be recalculated about each 3 hours. Only objects with a MPEC are all complete in this list. Other objects are only in this list, if my crawler works fine (most time). Designation links to objects works mostly not on recent comets. Also the data for asteroids, are only uptodate, when the MPEC has just been published.

This list is only for the last months, not for all time. The order and the data are from NEOCP archive and the NEOCP list.

Explanations: NEOCP is the NEOCP identification. Designation is provisional object ID, mostly a provisional designation. But it can also be a message (mostly 'in observing'), a comet or another NEOCP ID. Link goes to the MPC database. MPEC is the MPEC for this object (if existent) and link is to this MPEC. Publication is the time for identifaction in UT. MOID is the MOID for this object (if given) in AU. Dat 1st obs is the time of the first observation of this station W84. R.A, Dec, Mag and Moltion are the same for this date. Obs stat is the number of observations for this object by this station W84. Stats is the number of all involved stations for this object. Obs total is the number nof all observations for this object. Obs part is the percentage of station observation to all observations. res is the mean residual (in arc sec) for this station W84. |res| is the mean absolute residual (in arc secs) for this station W84.

You can download (test mode) a CSV file with all data in the table below (slightly other formatted).

Notice: Sometimes the MPC links the latest NEOCP ID not to a MPEC. This can need some hours, so you will see the link as soon, as it will be published in the html code of the MPC page.

NEOCP objects for station W84
NEOCPDesignationMPECPublicationMOIDDate 1st obs W84R.A.DecMagMotion
IA0T1J7in observing2020-10-13.1021300:00:09-26:45:5522.20.99313100%  
P11675q2020 RR52020-R160Sept. 15.472017-08-01.1145422:57:54-13:11:050.05631414%0.020.10
P10YMwl2020 HU42020-H132Apr. 23.810.00492014-04-23.2124114:17:36-14:15:1922.41.29533614%0.100.10
I9Ym1Lfwas not confirmedApr. 15.552020-03-17.2168311:51:02-20:30:4320.71.00414100%  
I9Z11Kkwas not confirmedApr. 15.552020-03-17.2388811:36:23-20:25:4922.11.04414100%  
I8Ha1Ifwas not confirmedMar. 25.832020-02-25.1108710:27:00-35:35:5123.20.97818100%  
I63E1Ifwas not confirmedFeb. 15.712020-02-04.2730110:30:14-34:51:1422.22.62717100%  
Hz4c1NHwas not confirmedNov. 29.192019-10-25.1183222:52:54-64:40:3623.10.5762967%  
Hz8u1Ilwas not confirmedNov. 29.192019-10-25.9975222:52:52-52:57:1622.70.6332650%  
Hz4c1NHwas not confirmedNov. 18.052019-10-25.1183222:52:54-64:40:3623.10.5762967%  
Hz8t1If2015 OP35Nov. 10.682019-10-25.9955522:41:02-52:27:1022.40.573624286%  
P20SRre2008 UB2019-U123Oct. 24.110.27292015-04-19.3148213:31:28-12:01:062.04341323%0.340.34
HxKt1JGwas not confirmedOct. 3.712019-09-18.2174321:57:28-47:16:2222.11.50313100%  
HxwC1KS2019 SJ62019-S147Sept. 29.240.11722019-09-28.0152823:30:02-06:12:3322.32.627938989%0.000.24
Hw9c1QSwas not confirmedSept. 12.002019-08-30.2655023:34:25-06:03:3623.32.3436136100%  
Hw9P2KTwas not confirmedSept. 10.842019-08-30.2016523:27:37-05:50:2723.32.18414100%  
Hvx91Xfwas not confirmedSept. 7.422019-08-28.2053223:25:54-05:03:2623.21.50515100%  
HvxC1KXwas not confirmedSept. 4.342019-08-28.2104723:30:16-04:25:1022.44.81313100%  
P10QZKE2019 QX42019-Q121Aug. 29.860.10142019-08-27.9903720:34:53-17:49:4521.83.603744779%0.010.56
Huou1Igwas not confirmedAug. 20.842019-08-14.9800414:23:46-14:34:0320.65.4812112100%  
P10OpJt2019 KU52019-L103June 15.800.23802013-04-16.3944320:59:29-09:09:0222.22.73310704%0.070.15
P10Oqks2019 KS3June 1.762019-05-08.2847816:49:41-22:52:3521.51.07441527%  
P10OhxP2019 KQ2May 31.902019-05-08.2706616:56:15-22:20:3921.20.73831844%  
P10MLHL2017 GL62019-G074Apr. 7.680.06782015-04-22.0547312:51:05-17:24:1521.71.53541926%0.080.08

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